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Graduates of the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” in Moldova together on the outside as well

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The rehabilitation program of the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” offers continuous support, including the post-detention period. In order to increase a person’s chances of a successful reintegration, one must be supported at all stages – this is the modern and complex approach that ensures the best results today. Thus, the graduates of the therapeutic community can benefit from psychosocial assistance, family counseling, group therapy, continuation of the rehabilitation program within the Therapeutic Community “Positive Initiative” from Anenii-Noi, support in employment and even in finding a place to live.

In addition to the process of reintegration into society after detention in prison, it is very important that a person with a chemical addiction, who has passed the rehabilitation program, is in a safe environment, which allows one’s sobriety and principles of the program to be maintained. For this purpose, regular mutual support groups for community graduates take place in the premises of the PO “Positive Initiative”. Here, participants can share the difficulties they encounter, offer advice and support of any kind to each other and plan events and activities for the future. Periodically, the former residents visit the Therapeutic Community “Positive Initiative” in Anenii-Noi in order to support people, who are in the process of rehabilitation, to share their experience and organize useful group events.

Furthermore, the former residents of the community also organize recreational activities together, such as team-building and other fun outdoor games. “Over time, we have become a real family and maintaining these relationships is very significant for us. We help each other, we spend time together and we can help others cope with the difficulties we once encountered”, said Alexandru Biac, trainer within the project and former resident of the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis”.

The post-detention activities are implemented by the PO “Positive Initiative” in the framework of the project “Strengthening the potential of the Therapeutic Community in Prison No. 9”, financed by Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. The Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” has eight graduates, who successfully completed the rehabilitation program and reintegrated into society. Everyone is at freedom today.

Author and translation: Dan Erușevschi


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