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Cat Therapy: A US prison uses cats to rehabilitate prisoners

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

Pets have always been famous for their therapeutic effect on others. For several years, the Indiana prison has been accepting rescued cats for the rehabilitation of convicts.

Fluffy friends help reduce anxiety and overcome depression, make you feel less lonely, improve your mood and even lower blood pressure. In addition, they also help convicted criminals very well.

In 2015, in Indiana, the Animal Protection League launched the FORWARD program at Pendleton Correctional Facility. The idea is to take cats from the shelter and put them in a correctional facility, prison, so that prisoners can take care of them. In addition, it saves the life of the animals themselves, because many of them would most likely be euthanized.

The program quickly showed the result: it was useful to both convicts and animals. Many cats that end up in shelters often have a long history of suffering and lack of treatment. Therefore, cats could not normally socialize with people. So four-legged harder to get into the family. They need patient care before they find a permanent family. And this program gives them this love and care.

Prisoners look after animals, feed them, clean them, cut their hair, cats become more socialized and trust people more. Not only cats benefit from the program. Convicts can learn to take care of a living creature and be responsible for it. “The convicts told me that when they received the animal, this was the first time they allowed themselves to take care of someone and love someone,” says Director of the Animal Protection League Mali Stringer.

The organization claims that animals teach prisoners how to interact in a group without violence, how to use non-violent methods to solve problems, and this gives prisoners endless love of pussies. What many convicts never knew.

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