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Leather haberdashery activities in the Therapeutic Community of Penitentiary No. 9-Pruncul

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

Today began the training of the residents of the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” within the Penitentiary No. 9-Baby in the field of leather goods manufacturing. The activity is implemented by A.O. “Positive Initiative”, in partnership with Penitentiary No. 9-Pruncul, in the framework of the project “Strengthening the potential of the Therapeutic Community in Prison No. 9”, financed by the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe.

The project offers opportunities to develop manual work skills, various leather goods manufacturing skills, as well as developing personal qualities, employment and ensuring the self-financing of the rehabilitation program to the residents of the community. The training process lasts six months, at the end of which the participants will have the ability to complete an order qualitatively, organizing their activity independently and respecting the required deadline.

Victor Strogoteanu, a trainer within the project, who is also a psychologist in the organization “Positive Initiative”, has acquired his skills in manufacturing leather goods on his own, which became a hobby over time, and now shares them with the training participants. The second trainer is one of the actual residents, Eugen, who was involved in leather haberdashery professionally and has extensive experience in the field.

“I am firmly convinced that the more abilities a person has, the easier it is for him to find his vocation and realize his potential in life. I am glad to be part of this process and that we can offer the residents such an opportunity and hope for the future”, Victor mentioned.

Author and translation: Dan Erușevschi


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