Teaching materials to use in prisons

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Denmark (Dansk)

The monitoring of motivation is important. The spreasheet is used to self monitoring of motivation. It can be shared with the teacher to discuse the progress in education effords of the student.

Print unlimited math tests:

Learn Danish picture book:

Free cross Words in Danish:

France (Francais)

Courses for SERA, CITI-VAL, READY… GO and ESM-YA plus the assessment system from VALMOPRIS:

Netherlands (Nederlands)

Poland (Polski)

Portugal (Portugues)

Rep. of Ireland (English)

Contributions from the Irish Republic

Spanish lessions (English – Español)

Switzerland (Deutsch)

Switzerland (French)

United Kingdom (English)

Workouts in the cell. #InCellActivityHub: >Dropbox Click Here<

Magazine IndsideTimes >Link to back issues<

Contribution from a Duch prison teacher. Creative writing assignments:

Your contribution

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