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The Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” in Moldova is winning the fight against reoffending

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All eight graduates of the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” from Penitentiary No. 9 – Pruncul are enjoying their freedom today. After their release, the former residents of the Community built a new life, without drugs and without crime. They have returned to their families, are now employed, are engaged in volunteer work and help their peers cope with the same difficulties.

For two years, 27 detainees from Moldova, each with a personal history of drug abuse, have ungergone a rehabilitation program in the Therapeutic Community “Catharsis”, a revolutionary project for the penitentiary system of the country.

The rehabilitation program includes an accredited program for overcoming chemical addiction “12 steps”, topics of general culture, personal development, ethics, foreign language study and development of social skills. In addition to knowledge and skills, the community residents can learn different professions and get employed.

The activity of the Community is ensured by three employees of the Penitentiary No. 9, together with four employees and eleven volunteers from P.A. “Positive Initiative”. Among them, the organization’s psychologists and former detainees, who share their experience, as peer-to-peer consultants. In this regard, Penitentiary No. 9 acquires services from P.A. “Positive Initiative”, a brand new practice in the Republic of Moldova.

According to statistics, the reoffending rate in our country amounts to over 50 percent. Most of the time, this happens because the former detainees are not prepared for life on the outside.

The Therapeutic Community “Catharsis” is a joint project of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, National Administration of Penitentiaries, Penitentiary № 9 – Pruncul and Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe, in partnership with Public Association “Positive Initiative”.


Translation: Dan Erușevschi


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